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            (708) 349-2972 info@


            Chamber Members are encouraged to join any one of the various committees and task forces which work together to make our community a richer place to live and grow business. Click here to view all committee opportunities.

            Advocacy and Education

            Hone your business acumen through workshops, Lunch & Learn seminars and informational sessions scheduled throughout the year that provide you and your staff with the knowledge and skills to succeed in your industry.


            Business referrals are one of the most valuable benefits of chamber membership. The chamber receives hundreds of requests each month for referrals for specific products and services. We refer only our chamber investors to area residents, visitors and businesses.


            The Chamber hosts many networking opportunities to help facilitate member-to-member partnerships, from the Monthly Membership Meeting, Business After Hours events, Young Professional Meet-Ups and much more! 

            Orland Women's Networking Luncheon

             “Stepping Into Success”

            Thursday, April 23, 内蒙古福彩app下载

            10am – 1:30pm

            Chicago Gaelic Park, Inc, 6119 W 147th Street, Oak Forest, IL


            Click here for details & to register


            Whether your goal is to better your sales, improve your business acumen or increase your community connections, you are on your way as a member of the largest business organization in the area! Come grow with us!

            Location: 8799 W 151st St, Orland Park, IL

            Telephone: (708) 349-2972

            Email: info@

            Hours: M-F: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

            Join the Chamber

            Why invest in a Chamber Membership? Since its inception in 1958, the Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to growing your business and ensure the economy of our area is strong. By joining this esteemed organization, you not only invest in your business, but also towards a successful future of the community you depend on. A Chamber Membership Investment is company-wide. Your entire staff will benefit from: *Advocy *Marketing *Networking *Education and Information * Community Exposure


            Chamber Mission 

            The Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce is the primary resource to help business and the community grow and prosper.

             A word

            From Our President

            “I am a Tax Manager with Mueller & Co., LLP.  Mueller is a CPA and financial advisory firm which has served clients in the Chicago metropolitan area since 1968.  We offer a broad range of services for corporations, business owners, executives and independent professionals.   My hope is to continue leading the chamber on the charted course that we are on. We have been very fortunate with a cohesive Executive Board and Board of Directors in recent years.  We plan and communicate effectively to share the goals and vision of the chamber.  I plan to continue supporting Town Hall meetings and advocacy efforts for small and independent businesses.  In order for us to continue this course, there is one key element and that is you and your input.  I want to hear from you.  What works in your partnership with the chamber and community?  What doesn’t?  What are your pain points?  What are your successes?  One of the attributes that I value most about the Orland Chamber, is that it is a volunteer-driven organization.  As such, your time is valuable.  I look forward to spending this year with you as your 内蒙古福彩app下载 OPACC President.

            -Ray Klosowski

            New Members




            Bob and Beth Feldman

            Bob and Beth Feldman

            Nothing Bundt Cakes

            Our business has been a huge success as a result of our partnership with The Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce. We have become the highest revenue-producing store in the region and one of the top stores nationally.

            Tina Scott

            Tina Scott

            Vegan T'Ease Restaurant

            Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce was the best decision I could have made. Being a part of this community has assisted me as a new restauranteur. Every question, concern and need was answered by the Chamber office. I have been connected to great opportunities, as well as connected to other business owners I knew I could trust…who wanted the same for me as I wanted for myself, customers and employees! I am so happy to be here in Orland Park and I am a proud member of the Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce!

            Michele Halliburton

            Michele Halliburton

            Mary Kay Cosmetics

            The Orland Park Area Chamber facilitates creative ways for members to display and grow their business through workshops, multiple networking events and business Expos. I’ve been a member of several different Chambers in the past, but the Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce is by far the best!


            Upcoming Event

            Monthly Membership Meeting 

            Wednesday, February 26, 7:45am to 9am
            Guest Speaker: Dan Patlak, Cook County Commissioner

            Click here for details & to register

            Member Directory
            Community Hot Deals
            Job Posting
            Legistative New





            Get In Touch

             Location: 8799 W 151st St, Orland Park, IL

            Telephone: (708) 349-2972

            Email: info@

            Hours: M-F: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

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